Benbow International PR

Why Hire Benbow International PR?

Benbow International PR (BIPR) provides U.S. and international companies a number of advantages when they want to increase their presence and credibility in the U.S. market.

Secures press coverage for CEOs 

BIPR helps CEOs who seek news coverage to help overcome one of four issues:

Helps saturate the U.S. market 

BIPR serves U.S. and European clients. BIPR’s public relations expertise is based on having worked with journalists in 16 countries whose stories have reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Possesses experience with European clients 

BIPR has communicated messages to the U.S. market successfully for several startups.

For example, BIPR obtained $1.2 million worth of media coverage for a European client in leading international publications and television networks including:

As a result, BIPR’s client’s stock price climbed dramatically in the days following the news coverage.

Compares favorably with in-house resources 

Often a company’s PR team does not understand the potential problems and opportunities the U.S. market presents. Particularly for a European company, the geographic distance (over 5,000 miles) and social, economic, and political differences may cause a:

Returns value for dollars invested in PR 

There are three recommended ways to analyze Return on Investment for PR:

PR can help to benefit a company and help increase its sales in three ways:

Returns value for dollars invested in BIPR 

BIPR can complement in-house staff, and offers several advantages. Clients can:

The experience per dollar invested, therefore, is greater.

Stays small and selective 

BIPR’s goal is to secure news coverage for its clients in the world’s most prestigious media, and therefore:

Builds strong client relationships 

There is no staff turnover. Priss Benbow is responsible for all aspects of a project. She determines strategic goals and executes the tactics. She meets clients at briefings, presents recommendations, and executes all activities. She is the sole contact throughout the business relationship.

This approach contrasts sharply to larger PR firms which often — after a contract is signed with a client — delegate work to inexperienced junior staff.

Results are demonstrated to client. Priss Benbow is solely accountable for results to the client, providing both interim updates and a final report at the conclusion of the project.

Benefits from proximity to Silicon Valley 

BIPR’s San Francisco location benefits its clients by its proximity to Silicon Valley, the hub of U.S. technology innovation. Silicon Valley’s success is based on its:

Where appropriate, U.S. and European companies may wish to explore relationships with Silicon Valley firms.

Applies sound judgment 

Throughout her career, Ms. Benbow has applied sound judgment to make thoughtful strategic and tactical decisions, and also to predict, avoid, and solve PR problems.

Furthermore, Ms. Benbow has the integrity to address and realign clients’ strategies gently when it is in that firm's best interest.