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What do you need public relations to do for you?

Obtain news coverage for company

The U.S. is an extremely competitive market. Endorsements by analysts and favorable news coverage give a company credibility. This credibility, in turn, increases investor and customer awareness, and helps increase its sales and strengthen its stock price.

Who is writing about your company?

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Obtain news coverage for CEO

Successful, respected, well-known CEOs add credibility to their company, which inspires customers to buy products or services. This credibility and its resulting sales are squandered, however, if the CEO does not talk about the company publicly through interviews with analysts, journalists, and speaking at CEO summits, events, or on panel discussions.

Is your CEO prepared to meet the news media?

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Increase sales

To quote an American President, “The business of America is business.” Companies exist to make a profit. Public Relations exists to help companies make these profits by increasing visibility which, in turn, leads to increased sales and helps to:

How is PR increasing sales for your company?

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Help saturate the U.S. market

The U.S. market is competitive and complex, and the windows of time to enter the market can be limited. It is critical, therefore, for a company to use public relations to saturate the market expertly and quickly.

If it does not, the risk and cost of a poorly executed public relations campaign is high. Not only does the company lose costly time and money on failed PR strategies — it also loses its effectiveness selling to the enormous U.S. market.

How is PR helping your company gain major U.S. customers?

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Add value

Consider how public relations can add value to two types of companies whose stock is undervalued. The first company has a great story and financials — but no one knows about it. The second company has strong financials, yet is receiving inaccurate negative press coverage.

In both of these cases, unbiased, positive news coverage improves credibility to the market, and thus strengthens an unjustly depressed stock price.

How is PR making your company attractive to investors?

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