Benbow International PR

How Benbow International PR Works

BIPR works with clients – and reports the progress of projects to clients — in the following steps.

1. Introduction

BIPR meets with the client to become acquainted with the executives and staff involved, and to learn more about their product/services.

2. Research

Ms. Benbow interviews key executives and staff to determine the desired goals and client deliverables. She then evaluates PR strategies, plans, and timeframes to achieve these deliverables.

3. Recommendations

Ms. Benbow outlines high-level recommendations and realistic, achievable deliverables for the client. The client retains BIPR, and also agrees to the frequency of interim progress reports.

4. Strategy

BIPR presents the detailed proprietary PR strategy and tactics and discusses them with the client. This step allows the client to commit comfortably to the PR activities to follow.

5. Implementation

Ms. Benbow implements the PR strategy and tactics. Sample tactics may include to: position the company and CEO, identify the most persuasive messages for the target market(s), conduct media relations to secure media interviews, and write PR materials.

6. Interim Reports

BIPR provides progress reports periodically as agreed in the Recommendations stage.

7. Final Report

BIPR completes, documents, and presents the deliverables in a meeting with executives and staff. Project extensions or new projects may be reviewed at this time depending on client needs.
This process may range in scope from four weeks to four years, depending on the client’s readiness and the project’s depth.